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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 @ 19:09

I've moved to Please link the new me!

Sunday, February 26, 2012 @ 19:05
not liking blogger right now

i'm not really liking blogger right now. it's been giving me quite a bit of problems and isn't making blogging very easy.

first, i updated blogger to its new interface and i definitely prefer the old one. i have been putting off this update for some time, but thought that there might be new features which i could use to spice up my blog. however, i feel that the old dashboard is more user-friendly and less complicated.

next, i tried blogging using the blogger app from my handphone. iphone apps now make it so much easier to blog as i can just snap a photo with my phone, edit it and immediately upload it using blogger app. that said, i have not been able to load pictures from my phone as they keep telling me that i have exceeded the photo limit on picasa albums (photo album storage for blogger).

then, i read some reviews and the only option was to upgrade my storage space on picasa. and so i tried to, only to find out that i have only used about 40% of my space!

and so i am unable to upload any pictures until blogger/google gets back to me about this problem.

Thursday, February 23, 2012 @ 09:56
spa rael & big o

our favourite ah pau is sick and we all miss her. she has 4 days mc and must be pretty bored at home, so we decided to send her a get well soon message via facebook.

hope she is feeling better. can't wait for her to be back and add fun to the staff room.

ah mou and i went to goodwood park hotel for a spa treatment at spa rael. the treatment we took was worth $342 and honestly, we would not go for it if not for the good deal we got online.

as expected of a spa linked to a five-star hotel, it was elegant and classy. facilities were tip top. rooms were spacious and the beds had heater.

we enjoyed our two hours there, except the part where we got our blackheads squeezed out of us and of course the extremely pushy, almost tactless saleswoman.

after that, we walked over to big o @ wheelock for dinner.

ah mou and i decided to stick to the healthy regime and had salads. i finished everything except for the cucumber (given to ah mou) and olives. wished the tuna nicoise salad had more generous serving of tuna. needless to say, what is a visit to big o without their delicious cakes.

outfit of the day: dress from myspringfling

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Sunday, February 19, 2012 @ 09:22
Learning journey @ far east organization

We went for a learning journey by far east organization at 2 of their show flats. After a talk by one of their directors, we toured the hillier and the lanai. We had a great time posing and snapping pictures of the decor and furnishings. It was then followed by catering by amici. Fun stuff!

I wore my topshop shrug that day :) love the prints. Turned it into a kimono top with the use of a waisted belt.

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Friday, February 17, 2012 @ 20:12
Al Hamra @ Holland Village

That day I went to Al Hamra with my family for dinner. I have been to Holland Village so many times yet I have never noticed the restaurant before. We were shown to a huge table. The wait for everything was very long. Wait for food, for service, for water and for bill. But (and it's a big BUT) the food was phenomenal! We ordered lamb, chicken and fish. All cuts of meat were tender and succulent. Will definitely be back!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012 @ 18:53

on valentine's day, i received a heart-shaped cookie from a student. it was so beautifully made, with a pink interior and was totally buttery.

that day, i had a date with mdm saha! ok it was actually a pampering session aka skiving according to my hod haha. we went for our groupon deal to art professional for a 90min massage and 10min back scrub. we were asked by our hod to take pictures as evidence.

the massage was really good. i fell asleep during the massage. but i doubt i'll return there again. there are so many good deals online, one doesn't have to buy a package.

the tea after the spa was really good too. some raspberry flavoured tea which the staff said they got from a traditional chinese medicine stall.


Saturday, February 11, 2012 @ 22:54
feast @ raffles city

sis treated us to lunch yesterday at skinny pizza. the turkey ham pizza was as good as i remembered. thin crispy crust with loads of cheese and blueberry sauce. yummy!

we tried a new pizza yesterday which was the vietnamese chicken pizza. it was supposed to taste like vietnamese salad but ended up more like yusheng to me (maybe due to the overdose of yusheng during chinese new year). also, the chicken was served cold.

surprisingly, after that a few of us were still hungry (not me) so my mum treated us to dim sum at old hong kong restaurant.

it seemed as if they changed owners because the menu was different and my mum didn't recognise most of the staff. that said, the custard bun was good. it was oozing out that salted egg yolk.

lastly, we went to redeem my milkshake voucher at once upon a milkshake. dad had cerious maple (maple syrup) with almond toppings and i had bailey's irish cream with marshmallow.

it was ok. i will definitely not pay $4.50 for another cup. i've tasted better milkshake elsewhere.

you will not believe it, but all these acts of gluttony spanned only 2 hours! i was so full i didn't eat dinner yesterday.

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